1-on-1 Sessions

HAVE A QUESTION FOR SETH?   “I am the Tree Trunk – You (Myself and 2,000 Others) are my Branches” Seth declared! Hence, I Am – Part of Seth’s Family of Consciousness! As such, I am in Direct Contact With the Greater Entity that is Seth. I offer a range of One-on-One – as well as Group Consultations, both Online (Via Skype or WhatsApp), or in person. 

LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English – Italian – Spanish

Here is how it works in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. ) Choose your Session length below, and reserve it by clicking on the buy now button (Secured and guaranteed by PayPal).
  2. ) Send an email to:  mgovernali@hotmail.com  (copy and paste my email into your email program) with a brief description of your question/needs. Your City Time Zone, and Skype or WhatsApp preference.
  3. ) I reply back via email within 24 hours, and arrange a suitable time.
  4. ) You reply back to my Email, with: Your Skype or WhatsApp Username and…. 
  5. ) …..See you Online!  

What I will NOT advise you on:

  1. ) Am I going to win the Lottery /give me lottery numbers?
  2. ) Guess how many children do I have – or my dog’s name?……. You get the picture.

What I Will Gladly Help you with:

    • ) Spiritual Advice. Understanding your higher Purpose /Role in Life!
    • ) Guidance. Help you in Decision making / best path to take!
    • ) What type of Work / Business / Relationship is most suitable for You!
    • ) Family / Relationships / Children Issues!
    • ) Financial Clarity!
    • ) Religious / Spiritual Clarity!
    • ) Sleep / Health Issues!
    • ) Bereavement and Divorce / Separation!
    • ) Clarity on Sexuality, Anxiety, Unresolved Issues!
    • ) Plus Much More! 

Choose Session Length – Secured and Guaranteed by PayPal