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Here are some of the comments made about the material so far! We encourage all comments – please keep them coming!.


divider2Hello Mark, I came across your site last night while looking for some Seth stuff to read up on…I’m a fanatical book reader and since reading Seth Speaks about 8 years ago, I’ve read everything I can get my hands on that has to do with his teachings or quantum physics, in general. I read everything that you wrote and I was wondering if you were going to publish the teachings that Seth gave to you to share with us. I already believe in all that you have presented to the average reader thus far so there is no need to convince me of greater truths. I am on your conscious level and am excited to learn additional information through the contacts you have made with Seth and/or Rupert. Have you considered publishing to as an E-book? It is the wave of the future and has the potential to transfer the Seth teachings to millions of people worldwide, I think everyone should have the opportunity to read what you have to say!  Anyway, I was just curious so I thought I would ask. Please let me know if you plan to publish more! Well, I don’t mean to go on and on and take up any more of your time (if you believe in the existence of such a thing…lol..), so I will end here. Keep up the good work. I enjoyed what you put together so far. Thanks and hope to read more soon!  Truth, Love & Creativity, Michelle in Florida.

Thank you so kindly Michelle. The book just became available on Amazon and every Book Store – and it is already a BEST SELLER! Thank you kindly. Marco.


Josef Nemchik says: I just finish first chapter of your book. I can safely tell you, from what I read so far, your book will become super-famous! Can’t wait to read the rest.

Thank you Josef for the kind words, it makes me feel that my 25 years of work writing it, were not in vain! Marco

divider2Mark, a significant amount of what you write is very similar to my own thoughts and searching. My primary concern in life (on a daily and sometimes hourly basis) can be summed up with “what is the point of our lives?”(and I do not mean this in a negative way). I have asked this question in various iterations since a child. I have searched through psychics, psychic workshops, Christianity, Radha Soami, Seth, Abraham-Hicks, and most recently Kabbalah. The other night, after admitting defeat almost (due to – among other things – what I perceive as some inconsistencies), I decided to re-visit some of the Seth material to see if I would perceive it differently than years prior. I looked for Seth quotations on the internet and came upon your site. I have been searching for some answers that would allow all aspects of life (e.g. religions, societies, joys, sufferings, wars, brutality, cooperation, achievements, etc. etc.) to “fit” in — sort of a “grand unification” theory, if you will. I had begun to believe that I would never find an answer. I had begun to be willing to accept even an “escape” (a premise, whether true/valid or not, that I could at least “buy into” in order to achieve some much needed relief). What you have written in your website and book resonated with me so intensely – beyond any findings in my prior searching – that I was astounded (shocked, surprised) that it so suddenly appeared. John

Thank you John, as you know, there are no coincidences in life! you ran into my site for a reason. thank you. Marco

divider2Mark, in a way that is comforting – the 50,000 souls involved with our earthly existence. Perhaps it had something to do with what Seth describes as the “primal-agony” of All-That-Is that we supposedly have some memory of. I forget where I read it. A supposed Seth quote I found tonight reads: “Had It not solved it, All That Is would have faced insanity, and there would have been, literally, a reality without reason and the universe run wild.” This is therefore profoundly important to me that our experiences/existences include a basis of real company, camaraderie, and individualism that can only come from there being at least two. I hope that there are so many layers of souls or selves as to effectively negate this “sole/alone-ness”. Thank you for your “unfolding” work (your Book).

Right -on! All-That-Is, is simply put – trying to know Itself, hence our in-ability to stop searching – learning, because what we learn – goes all back to All-That-Is! Marco.

divider2Generally I don’t read this type of books, however I wish to say that your write-up really changed my views on things concerning life and death and everything in between. Your information has truly  amazed me. Thank you, quite nice. Samantha C..

Thank you Samantha! Much appreciated. Marco

divider2Mark I have no idea how I ended up here, but I am glad I did, your information if phenomenal! you are certainly going to be a famous writer – if you aren’t already Thank you. Love & Cheers!

Thank you, Kindly! Yes the book is doing extremely well, it is already a Best-Seller. Marco

divider2Mark, I check almost daily for your new material – thank you. I have a question arising from an exercise suggested by Seth. I would ask you if appropriate but feel that asking questions from Seth books is not the purpose of this “Your Comments” section for your book. Do you have a reference for an online group you feel is in line with Seth’s teachings, or are you part of a group in which one might ask such questions?

divider2Your material has helped me immensely Mark! I like the point that maintaining the result is as important as achieving the result and one can work on both of these from the beginning. Lets say turning a negative workplace experience into a positive experience is efficiently achieved by picturing oneself from a strong vantage point in his or her profession. How would you handle if there were, for instance, four negative/opposing core beliefs arising when visualizing the vantage point result? would they work on all four at a time? or work on them in separate “sessions” each day? What would you suggest? Thanks, Mike

divider2Hi Mark, I been expanding my consciousness tremendously lately and I came here because I was told by a friend this week about a new author (you) writing about Seth again. For what I have seen so far I can honestly say that you are blowing my mind! Mark: when I was 35 in an hospital in Denver I actually died and left MY BODY! I was received by 15 people who has passed including my mother who had died when I was only 14. Your material has been of great help to me – and my Soul, it serves as a guide to help the soul/spirit to cross over, no matter what your belief system is! I cannot thank you enough!

divider2Great material Mark! Congrats! I loved reading about your experiences. I admire you putting your experience out there for all mankind to benefit from. I can tell you were compelled from on high to do so. Unfortunately, you do open yourself up to the “cooks” ( yes there are plenty of them, even followers of Seth) out there. Your book touched me in many positive ways and help clarify and solidify a lot of my life experiences, thoughts and encounters. your material is written with great humility and compassion for all that will read your words. I know it was a draining process for you but know it will help the world out just like the Seth collections. Dave

divider2Mark, the subject of UFOs has haunted and fascinated me since a child having very strange dreams of otherworldly craft (yep, some were cigar shapes). From camping outside of Area 51, to reading kabalistic interpretation of what they are about, to scaring away girls on first dates (many years ago ) because I wanted to discuss the UFO phenomenon… they have been much more than a passing interest. I have wanted to understand. Today’s addition of the book is wonderful to read because it finally makes sense, especially in light of your and Seth’s previous writings. Thanks!

divider2Wow – what you said about “fixing the foundation” hit me like ton of bricks! Thank you Mark. This resonates strongly!

divider2Wow! Congrats, i love reading your material. You understand, many people are hunting around for this info, you are aiding them a great deal. Kitty. p.s. I second Jim’s comment, The UFO explanation you gave is the best I ever heard./ now i know!

divider2Ciao Mark, mi chiamo Annalisa sono Italiana anch’io!!. Wow, molto informativo. Ho imparato piu` leggendo il tuo sito che in tutta la mia vita…Thank you!!

(Ciao Mark, my name is Annalisa I am also Italian!! Wow, very informative. I learned more reading your site than in my whole life…Thank you!!)

divider2I’m learning a lot from this. You sure know a lot about this topic. are you going to publish a book?. Keep the posts coming, I check in every day.. I love it!

divider2Mark, Thank you for sharing your incredible knowledge on this most needed subject. Amanda.

divider2Hi, I have not finished reading your post completely yet, but want to thank you because reading it makes me feel relaxed and gives me peace. I really like this information and I will be back for more. Eric.

divider2Mark, I find the book material extremely helpful and inspiring. Your comments have been helpful too – especially when you say “work on the “whole mindset” instead of the “single issue” – this has been a most impactful suggestion – really impactful. I smile at your explanation of the light trance-spelling connection. I would not want to ask for too much of your personal time to write more. However, this aside, please write on your omitted, really-really out there, material. I am hungry for more and hope you will find a suitable way to be able to share such while maintaining a “reasonable” image (i.e. not too crazy.) A live forum would be fantastic! Thank you so much Mark. Mary

divider2A podcast would be wonderful—but a caution… this would open your life to a lot of scrutiny and perhaps personal judgment that you have to be ready to deal with. Maybe wait on it until you see how the book is received. Thank you for your hard work!

divider2Mark, I came upon your profound and well written blog while searching Seth. I’ve been studying his work for 15 years and have read many of his books, some several times over. I have had many of your same experiences, the near death, out of body, decision to stay or leave. (I’m glad we decided to stay, aren’t you?) Also, the religion, born catholic, never made sense of it (even as a child). I was molested at age 11 by my priest and never set foot in a church again. I spent the rest of my life searching for meaning, for faith. I am now a Buddhist and through meditation I have found truth. You are so right Brother, look inward. Peace, Susan

divider2Mark, Thank you, thank you for your material! You have confirmed what I was thinking, however, I didn’t know about the info gathering, nor the intention. I agree that there is no such thing as coincidence and answers are given at that moment. Where most people are saying, “isn’t that ironic?” I am saying, “OK, what are you trying to tell me”. I, for the first time in my 50 years, shared my most personal info, on your blog. Thank you for allowing me to do that without judgment. Your knowledge and kind words really helped me put perspective on all of this. I am so excited to see what you’re going to write next! Seth opened my box, meditation allowed me to step outside of it. Loving kindness, Marcella

divider2Tatyana says: Dear Mark, First of all I’d like to thank you for the great material you provided. Your descriptions and explanations of complicated phenomena are just amazing. I can actually visualize them in my mind. I really like Seth books written by Jane Roberts, but they are difficult to read for a human, so it’s not so easy to understand them. I’d like to tell how I came across your site. Usually, when I feel low, I like reading something that inspires me. And yesterday when looking for some Seth materials, I saw the link with your site. It’s really amazing! The information you provide is really “user-friendly”. But sometimes it’s scary. The biggest fear of mine is seeing something extraordinary. Even though I did see extraordinary things in my dreams it’s ok for me. Like I “allow” them to be there. Though sometimes I’m afraid of them in my dreams, too. I admit that the picture around me may be a bit different from what I actually can see. Sometimes when I’m alone I feel a bit uncomfortable because I’m scared of seeing something or someone. For me, it’s like “unauthorized” access. I almost finished reading your materials and my question is – why do they appear in front of us if they’re supposed to know (I hope so) that we’ll be scared to death? I can’t explain why I’m so scared of this. Probably, some kids frightened me when I was a child. Anyway, thank you again for the information you shared with so many people!

divider2Andrew says: Hello Mark, I just printed out your material and am looking forward to read it in bed tonight. I am really interested about what you have to say. I first came into contact with the unique insights provided by the Seth personality back in the 1970′s, I am pleased to now know that another voice exists for Seth, as I had often wondered why that had not occurred after Jane Robert’s passing…had Seth said all he had to say? I am extremely impressed by just how you’re able to explain and define concepts which are, by nature, not conducive to understanding through verbal (or written) language. For as complicated as the subject material is – the explanations you give could almost be described as “scientific” enough to be embraced and acted upon. And for me especially, the lack of religious context was especially appealing. I would like to ask two question, if you have the time for a response. First, throughout human history there is a consistent reference to the idea that we on this plane can achieve “enlightenment”, and that goal is defined differently by different schools and practices. It seems consistent though that the process basically comes down to breaking through what Seth terms the camouflage and connecting with our soul essence….but seems nearly impossible to accomplish. Especially in recognition of the hint in your material that a 50k>7B ratio exists, could it be that this momentous achievement by a personality is actually the first step in becoming a creator himself. If so, what is your “take’ on this process? Second, Is there a way that communication with a teacher like Seth can be “requested” or encouraged other than through the dream state?…or is it simply the truth that when the student is ready the teacher arrives? Finally, you mentioned in your dialog with Suzy that you could condense what needed to be said into 30 highly technical and far out pages, but that it wouldn’t be heard by the audience you are meant to reach.  Again, I enjoy your material very-very much and look forward to reading your book. Best to All!

divider2Johnny says: I will share this with you since upon further reflection, you have already answered my biggest dilemma in life. I have had a lot of turmoil and stress in life lately. A very unique situation has me financially ruined, but with the promise of being compensated for the loss shortly. A couple of weeks ago, packing things up in preparation for moving from my home (which yesterday just got sold at foreclosure auction,) I came across several boxes of books which I’ve saved over the years. I looked at many titles which had provided insight and teachings, and flipped through some with melancholy, remembering the feeling of discovery I had years ago when I couldn’t get enough. But I couldn’t find anything by Seth, whom I really held close and who has been a foundation for much of my belief system throughout this life (I always give away my favorite books). I was drawn to go to a town library book sale, and as I walked the aisles I looked down and there was “Seth Speaks”, never opened, like new and only $2.00, the last book you’d expect to find in a little library in Maine (USA). I am rereading it now, and it prompted me to do the internet search which led me to your material! And I am now communicating with the author of a book transmitting “new” Seth material. So perhaps the lesson is that you can request “teachings”, even if the teacher might not be exactly what you expected! I look forward to reading your book Mark!

divider2Hi Mark I read Seth speaks and I loved it and you are lucky to meet Seth who Can tell you the things we want to know… I also think we should not be treated as sheeps without asking question, and it’s even sillier to think we are sinners.

divider2Fantastic writing, very informative and eye opening! I wonder why our scientists don’t know – what you know!. You should continue your writing. I’m sure, you have a great readers’ base already!

divider2I must show thanks to you Mark – wherever you are, for bailing me out of a bad situation. I have been at a point lately which could have badly affected my entire career as well as my personal life. I could not find the answer to my biggest question in life; “Why am I here”. If I wasn’t going to be able to find an explanation – I figured my life was done. The candor you have shown in handling such a complex subject is nothing short of God’s given! I’m not sure what I would have done if I hadn’t found such a solution. Also I can at this moment look ahead to my future and be happy in the knowledge that I too, have a purpose and a reason. Thank you so much for your sensible guidance. Jack

divider2Hi Mark. It’s been almost twenty years since I read the Seth books. For whatever reason (I’ve given up trying to understand what leads me to do these things) I typed “Seth Speaks” into Google tonight and found your site. There has been a noticeable awakening since the 1990′s. People are starting to realize that we are all living in a false, manipulated world where freedom is a cover word for controlled ignorance. There are many good people out there working to prepare for the changes that will happen as the frequencies get higher, It’s interesting that much of what they say about “so called” reality mirrors exactly Seth’s teachings. One of the fundamental problems that most of us share is that it is easy to slip back into the belief that we have no control over things around us, which I believe is why I ended up here today, as a sort of reminder that everything is “within” and we shape our own reality. I was lucky enough to experience a few years ago a glimpse of the real self, a moment while relaxing, where a veil lifted and I understood everything. It only lasted for a few seconds but was such a powerful insight that my whole attitude to life changed. Thank you for this material, you are a blessing! Kindest thoughts to you. Tim

divider2Mark, I really am enjoying your journey in part 4. I hope you have a ways to go before your book is finished.

divider2I am reading the Seth Speaks—a natural transition after following ABRAHAM-HICKS for a couple years. I KNOW all is not as we see in this 3 dim world. Around 25 or so I went to a psychic in London who said…”Oh you’re going to Arizona.” I said no way, I don’t like the desert or heat. Of course I found myself in Sedona. That night in a camp ground in pitch dark, sitting next to a friend…a super bright ray of light came from my solar plexus and arced into the ground. So bright it illuminated the tiny cute mice eating Doritos crumbs at our feet. My friend saw it. That messed with my idea of “reality” in this life. Since then I am increasing my attention to information and synchronicity. I feel the acceleration of things as well. Things I barely register as wanting come quickly in odd ways. The hardest thing is understanding I am creating this/my PLAY, my reality-moment to moment…rolling the road and side details as I walk. Forming up as I look. How can my brain be so powerful that it recreated this body & bedroom with all the dust and clutter every second…??? I want to get to the point like in Bewitched where I can clean the place up with a twitch of my nose. I watched that show as a child so isn’t it funny how close to truth these things end up being? Movies like Butterfly Effect and Inception??? As a closing note, if we create it all…look around you, remember, you came there naked with nothing and look at all you have created around you…boggling….But if you can truly create all and anything I find myself feeling content and peaceful and not needing so much or worrying or being jealous of what someone else has manifested.

divider2Thank you for your thoughtful information. You painstakingly went over religious issues in your text and by the time I got to the “meat” of Part 4 I felt empathy/fatigue for all that EFFORT-you put in for us – the reader.  I wanted to ask you, I watched Iron Lady tonight about Margaret Thatcher, they played with the continuity constantly flipping around in time. Then I stayed to watch Midnight in Paris (2nd time seeing it) in just the short time between viewings I was immersed in the idea of transcending time eras….and frankly the movie illustrates the multi dimensional aspect of our “time” and they were occurring on different vibrationary levels yet concurrently. These movies are popular because I feel they are readying us for the shift we will be experiencing. Do you agree?

divider2Mark, I wanted to ask you – but do you still communicate with/to Seth? My quandary as I said before is how do I tell if I am supposed to help someone or just leave them be and keep out of things. I feel sometimes that I am just a actress in THEIR movie. Especially when I feel compelled to talk to a stranger in public or they come up to me. Sometimes it’s weird and in my head I get “direction” ex:” Don’t walk away, tell her a compliment on something.” Am I supposed to be an up-lifter in these situations? I am 1/3 thru Seth Speaks and he does say we are not a “closed” system . I know we influence/change each others vibe or energy all the time & I realize there is no distance restriction I.e.: when I think of someone they call or I know who it will be on the phone most of the time. My thought is what about this culture of celebrity, say Lindsay Lohan—people saying, thinking mean things all the time…thousands of people—-does this not affect her energy & life? Kardashians etc. How hard it must be to deal w/all that.

divider2Will you have a blog or other communication? I am getting the point that the knowledge of what we need for growth as creators is within each of ourselves. However, it adds a joyous dimension to have special teachers (like you) to learn from and with.

divider2Bruno says: Thank you Mark for your insightful explanations! I guess one of the great difficulties we have living this human experience is our inability to release ourselves from “linear time” as our functional reality, but which then conveys to us so many expectations of “progressing” towards – fill in the blank – enlightenment, liberation, happiness, etc. A long time ago I studied with someone who put it very succinctly when he encouraged us to just “BE Here Now” and accept that the journey is perfect, even with it’s challenges and pain, highs and lows. I think you are right when you say that accepting who we are, and that we are a part of, not apart from a ” larger Gestalt” is a key understanding.

divider2Dear Mark! I’m really excited to have a chance to get some feedback from you! Thank you again for the work you’re doing. Yes, I’m from Russia. But not everyone here is so afraid sleeping alone ) Actually, I’m perfectly fine when I don’t hear much about such cases. Well, I understand that such entities can be around me and that they don’t mean to hurt me or do something wrong. Let me explain. When I was a child, I was really fearless. When our family moved to a new house, I was 5 then, children in the neighborhood started to tell me about ghosts and witches. Funny as it might be for them, I was really impressed and scared. When I was 10 or so, I had a dream that my semi-transparent father came to me and said something. He is and was perfectly alive. Most of the time when I saw transparent figures or halos in my dreams, I started to scream out loud. I’m not satisfied with that reaction of mine, as I try to escape rather than explore and learn more. I’ll do my best to face this problem in my dreams where I feel a bit more comfortable and safe. Thank you again and accept my kindest regards!

divider2Dante says: Hello Mark, I read most of your material. I found it very interesting, and I hope soon to read the final version. If you will please, in the next few days I will communicate my view on the matter. Also, since I see that after so many years spent in Canada, your Italian is a little ‘”rusty”, if I needed a re-reading of drafts of your manuscript in the Italian translation, do not hesitate to ask me, it would be a pleasure. I know that in Italy there is a Seth Club. It would be Fantastic to translate your book in Italian and make it available here in Italy.  I make you a good luck for your book, which surely will be of significant interest it deserves. See you soon, Dante.

divider2Hi Mark, This is the second time I have visited your site to read your work, I am truly impressed. My sister also commented, stating “he sure knows how to write”,…just thought I’d drop you a note to say, thanks, and also thank you to the “Universe” for giving me the opportunity to know you like others may not be able. Namaste! Maarijt

divider2Mark, After reading some of your material last night, I went to bed, waking up at around 2:30 am with light flashes in my window blinds. I went to the window and on my knees peeked through the blinds and saw 8 large yellow orbs swirling around my back yard in the woods. At first I thought of fireflies but they were HUGE, the size of basketballs. I watched them for about 5 minutes, moving through the trees. I was half asleep and thought I was imagining this and maybe they were super huge fireflies and I had to get up at 6:30 and got up and went back to bed. This morning is when I wondered why the lights were shining in my window, enough to wake me up from a dead sleep. What are these? Kind of freaking out, can you help? Susan

divider2Mark, I wanted to mention my NDE. It was shortly after I donated my kidney to my sister. I had an allergic reaction to the morphine. It was not picked up by the nurses and my BP tanked to 42/23. I was faced with a pink wall of moving clouds, moving upwards. I put the tips of my fingers through them, knowing the other side was different but familiar. I thought of my youngest daughter and chose to pull my hand back and immediately was brought back to my present reality. I also had an out of body experience in my bed. I floated up to the ceiling. I looked down at my body, like yours in a mess of sheets. I looked back up to the ceiling and freaked out over the ceiling fan, which wasn’t on but still there. Once I panicked, I immediately went back to my body, but like you was frozen there for a while and then just went to sleep like it was nothing! Somehow I am never amazed until the next day when I ponder it )  Jenny

divider2Mark, thank you for the continuing/recent addition to the book. I like when you write “Simply the way it should be” after writing about everything being pre-determined. To me, this means that nothing is “a shame” or “is bad” from a higher perspective. I would not know how one could understand (or appreciate) light unless they had experienced darkness. Perhaps experiencing “joy” as so fundamentally good and wondrous requires experiencing contrasting sadness. Thank you.


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  1. DEAR MARK: Do you have a daily posting? How do I tune in to it.???

    Also, in which book, and on what page, does Seth suggest wearing small pieces of metal (iron???) … I have been wearing 3 small pieces of what I believe is just plain old corrugated iron pipe I got from my auto mechanic for over 40 years and at age 90 I am in GREAT health and am not taking any prescription drugs – so it must be doing something good thoI cannot recall why he said to do this ??? THANKS Mark…
    I.M.Plympton – Winter Haven, Fla.

    1. Thank You for your question! “.… I have been wearing 3 small pieces of what I “BELIEVE”…for over 40 years and at age 90 “I AM” in GREAT health and am not taking any prescription drugs – so it “MUST” be doing something good”. Just look at what you just wrote and the answer IS in the question itself. YOU ARE MAKING STATEMENTS! Hence you BELIEVE what you are saying. That IS the most important thing anyone can do! Some folks do this intentionally because they are aware, some do it as a habit – but it works nevertheless! As a Co-creator Your STATEMENTS are extremely important! Because they form your Life’s blueprint! My Grandfather as well as Great-Grandfather both died in their late 90s, they did not know anything about Seth or his teachings, but anytime you asked them “how were they doing” they always replied “excellent” despite showing the natural signs of aging and all the goodies that come with it!! So, what really counts and makes a world of difference is not what we “hope”, “wish” or “ask” for – but what we BELIEVE! I send you all my Love. May All-That-Is Bless You, It already has! Marco.

    2. Hello, and thank you for your question. If you wish to stay on top of what is happening in m,y world, the best way is via Facebook. I try and keep all of the platforms updated, but Facebook is where I post news first. Simply go to FB and search for Marco Governali. Thank you so kindly. Marco

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